Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Jazz 111, Blazers 101: Post Game Audio

Happy New Year. Tough loss last night to Utah. The streak had to end sometime, but getting another win against the Jazz sure would have been nice.

Got some post game audio from last night's loss. Check it out on your day off:

Dean Demopoulos, who filled in as head coach for Nate McMillan, talks about the end of the streak ("What streak?") and moving on.

Jarrett Jack talks about the loss and where the team goes from here.

Brandon Roy remarks on Utah's physical style of play and the game in general.

LaMarcus Aldridge talks about scoring a career-high in a losing effort.

Finally, Steve Blake give his post game thoughts.

Our trip through the midwest continuies tomorrow with a game against the Timberwolves. I'm head off to practice, so check back a little later for some updates from Minnesota.


BlazerRed said...

That was an easy game to figure out. Utah pushed us off the boards and killed us in offensive rebounds. They got deep into the paint for shots "+1" when our weakside defense got there late (or not at all). It was an energy game and UT wanted it more than us...

Casey Holdahl said...

If I had to pick one reason why we lost last night, it would be points in the paint. Utah tallied 62 points in the key compared to 22 for the Blazers. They did get out-rebounded by the Jazz, but it wasn't by a huge margin (though seven more offensive rebounds does hurt).

BlazerRed said...

An interesting comment by Sir Charles was that jump shooting teams are streaky and if shots aren't falling, they are in trouble. Also, jump shooting teams tend to shoot fewer free throws, for obvious reasons. Something for the Blazers to think about. On the second of back to backs when the legs are tired, we may not get the "lift" to shoot well from mid or long range and defense typically suffers. Tough combination to overcome if you're not getting easy points in the paint shots (as Casey says). It was a nice run. Something to be excited about in looking to the future. I wouldn't move a single player this year. Let's see the chemistry gel and allow this team to go as far as it can, intact. Nice to hear from you Casey! Hope you are enjoying the new job and I still think this was a move intended to get you one step closer to being an NBA shooting guard... :)