Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Number One in the Northwest

The Suns have done a couple of good deeds for the Trail Blazers this season. First they traded the best three-point shooter of the 2007-08 season, that being James Jones, for cap space. Thanks for that.

More recently, as in last night, the Suns did the Blazers another good turn by defeating the Denver Nuggets 137-115. Why do we care? Because the loss drops Denver's record to 21-13, which puts the Blazers in a tie for first in the Northwest Division. And the way I see it, we own the tie-breaker with the Nuggets due to our 2-1 record against them this season, so by my rose-colored logic, we're in sole possession of first in the division. Huzzah!

Of course the NBA doesn't hand out any trophies for being in first with 48 games to play, so it's going to be important for the Blazers to come out strong and get a win tomorrow night against a hot Golden State team before hitting the road. Tickets are still available. It'll be 16 days before you can see the Blazers again at the Rose Garden, so show up and give them a good send off.

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