Monday, January 14, 2008

Interesting stat of the day: January 14

In honor (for lack of a better word) of yesterday morning's double-overtime loss, we look to a stat that is sure annoy Jarrett Jack.
The starting lineup of Webster, Aldridge, Przybilla, Jack and Roy is 0-4 this season. On the other hand, the lineup of Webster, Frye, Przybilla, Blake and Roy is 5-0.

That's obviously a highly-situational statistic which probably says more about the quality of the opponents than it does about the starting five, but I thought it was interesting nonetheless.


BlazerRed said...

ugh - I like JJ, but his defensive liability is apparent sometimes against faster, go to the hoop guards. On the other hand, I love it when he penetrates to the hoop; just wish he'd finish more consistently. On his mid-range and long ball, JJ seems to have a confidence issue more than a skils one. Sometimes he's dialed in and other times he's a tentative shooter. Maybe he needs to be whacked by an opponent just like T-Law or Martell to get the best out of him. Frye vs LA is getting to be an interesting discussion. Both love to float to the perimeter, but Frye seems more aggressive and will take and give the fouls on the defensive end. LA is soft. Now that we're being taken seriously, teams are spending a lot more time and effort to beat us - it only gets tougher as other teams clamp down for a run to the playoffs.

Buck Mac said...

LA was eaten up by Bosh yesterday. I can't understand why Joel and perhaps Channing were not in the game when all the marbles were on the line. Joel for badly needed defense and Channing was shooting better that LA yesterday.

NateDogg said...

With a bench as deep as ours we can't be afraid to sit someone when they aren't playing well. If we don't leave Martell in to go 1-8 from behind the arc and try to let LA shoot himself out of a 5-17 night, then we probably win. Frye was 7-10 when we sat him... so why did we sit him? And if Roy, Jack, and Outlaw are a combined 7-11 from behind the arc why is Martell even shooting the 3? Stick with who's whose hot. Team ball has gotten us this far. GO ZERS

Casey Holdahl said...

I've heard from a couple of people wondering about Joel's playing time and inserting LaMarcus in the middle of a seemingly off-night (or morning as the case was yesterday). What I will say is that Nate McMillan coached that game at the end almost exactly as he coached the OT's in the Chicago game. In both games the opposing team had a post scorer on fire (Joe Smith/Chris Bosh) and in both games LaMarcus struggled early. It worked once, why not try it again? At least that's one theory.