Monday, January 28, 2008

Brandon Roy's unbelievable shot

Brandon Roy tries to recreate his legendary layin from the Toronto game at the Rose Garden. Click the play button to start the video.


The Duck said...

And his defense saved the game! I am so glad KP and the rest of the execs have recruited young men with talent and character like Roy. Interesting discussion of the creating the best Blazer of all time on

Our team, our time!

David said...

I think the title to the vid should have been "Brandon's whoop-de-doo shot"... Coach Nate just knows how to put it so eloquently. :-)

Guia said...

People of Oregon who loved watching
the young guys of the team play has all the respect and admiration for all the players, coaches and staff. Also to the teams' big boss'Mr. Allen for giving his GM
the full authority to the opera-
tions and management of the team.
The management is so fortunate hav-
ing young guys with good chemistry
joined together in a team. Good
attitude, good work ethics and
camaraderie will make this team hard to beat 1 or 2 yrs fr. now.
Kudos! to all of you. Keep it shooting and dunking!

perrycallas said...

Brandon, thanks for all your work, and thanks for keeping it fun. Your love of the game makes it better for all of us.

UnclePelom said...

Reminds me of somthing Rasheed or Bonzi would think funny