Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Leapin' Larry loves the Blazers

You don't hear a lot about coaching vagabond Larry Brown these days, though he is still working for the 76ers as their vice president. Regardless, the guy still knows his basketball.

Today Brown breaks down tonight's matchup between the Cavaliers and the Trail Blazers and he's got nothing but nice things to say about our Red and Black.

On Brandon Roy:
When the game is on the line you have to have somebody that can get a shot for himself, get a shot for his teammate or get a free throw even though your opponent might be in a position to try to stop you from accomplishing those things... Brandon is one of those unique kids. He’s strong enough to take it inside, he can keep you honest because he can make an outside shot and he’s a very unselfish player. He can get other people a shot and I think he trusts his teammates in that regard.

On the Blazers depth:
You’ve got two emerging stars in Roy and LaMarcus Aldridge. They have three kids that they play at point – sometimes they even play Roy there – with Steve Blake, Jarrett Jack and Sergio Rodriguez. Then you’ve got James Jones and Martell Webster. You’ve got Outlaw, one of these 6-9 power forwards that is really long and athletic, who can create a mismatch and who they’ve gone to late in games. Joel Przybilla is very underrated and unselfish. He comes in and rebounds and defends every night and doesn’t need the ball to be effective. And I think Channing Frye is in a terrific situation. He’s getting more and more confidence and he can make a shot, rebound the ball and he is another young kid who is developing.

On Nate McMillan getting his team to compete:
This team has shown an ability to come back late in games and I think it starts with Nate McMillan. He doesn’t allow them to give up. They think they’re in every game. They’re phenomenal at home where they rarely get beat. Young teams have a tendency to play well at home and not on the road, but they’ve gotten better and better on the road, winning some really tough games.

That's high praise from a coaching legend like Larry Brown.

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