Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Another Brandon Roy believer

Portland fans are tough customers. Over a year ago,'s Charley Rosen off-handedly referred to Brandon Roy and Martell Webster as "flops." Seemingly every Blazers fans with a computer took Rosen to task. So overwhelming was the response that Chuck is still having to recant his previous "flop" statement in his article today entitled "I was wrong about Roy."
Here's the deal: Last week I wrote a scouting report of the Blazers that extolled the virtues of Brandon Roy. A subsequent question was emailed to asking me to explain why I had previously called Roy a "flop" just about "a year ago" midway through his rookie season. Consulting my files, I found another appraisal of the Blazers that I had done in January 2006, in which Roy's potential was praised and his areas of weakness also cited. Nowhere in this particular article did I call him a flop.

Subsequent bloggers pointed out that I had indeed used the phrase in describing Roy a few weeks later during my mid-term ratings. Upon checking this additional source, I realized that I had indeed dismissed Roy (as well as Martell Webster) as "flops." My thanks to all of you attentive readers out there!

As everybody who reads my columns no doubt knows, I am very passionate about the game. That's why I express myself so strongly.

To make up for the mistake, maybe Charley can ask his good buddy Phil Jackson to add Brandon Roy to his All-Star ballot.

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