Thursday, January 3, 2008

Watch: Nate McMillan discusses the win in Minnesota

And a new streak is born. Any time you commit just four turnovers, you're more than likely to get a win. Eight assists in under six minutes by Sergio Rodriguez and white-hot shooting from James Jones gave the Blazers all the lift they needed to beat a struggling Timberwolves squad, even in their own house.

Speaking of the Target Center, it was hard not to notice the similarities last night between Minnesota's home court this year and the Rose Garden last year. A lot of empty seats and not a whole lot of enthusiasm from those who were in attendance. If there's anything we've learned this year though, it's that things in the NBA can change in a hurry.

But back to the Blazers. Nate McMillan had some interesting things to say after the win. Check it out. The chunk of blonde hair at the start of the video belongs to Rebecca Haarlow, by the way. Enjoy.

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mrblazer said...

So, Casey, what did you think of the wacky substitution pattern in the second half, last night? Nate has won 14 in a row, and i'm liking his chances for Coach of the Year, but i was a bit surprised with some of those moves.