Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Watch: McMillan talks after practice

Good looking practice today in Tualatin. They ran a drill were the coaches passed the ball to each other at different spots on the court with the players having to react. Looked like a zone defense drill to me. Also got to see Darius Miles play two-on-two with Taurean Green, Sergio Rodriguez and Josh McRoberts. That was interesting. Speaking of which, McRoberts, as was earlier reported, is going to the D-League affiliate, but Green is not.

For those of you interested, here's part of Nate McMillan's post-practice remarks, including his thoughts on the tomorrow's game against Golden State. Enjoy.

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Ed said...


Nate is the foundation we need so much
He drills and draws so we can have some punch
After Chicago it is obvious our Jack is back
He drives to the basket and finishes even with a hack

Martell is steady with the outside shot
He defends and scraps to keep the team hot
When Joel is in the middle he’s a formible foe
When he goes up he blocks with a heavy blow

With eight assists Sergio keeps us in the game
He can dribble and pass the Wolves look so lame
In the fouth quarter Travis sets the court on fire
Chicago sees an example in which to aspire

Frye can do most anything well
Draws a crowd and the tickets all sell
Blake always manages to keep his cool
When the openings there he’s the 3 point tool

Aldridge brings to the team a soothing calm
He slides to the basket and dunks with his palm
With Brandon running the team they all take heed
He gets the best from everyone and keeps them in the lead

After all is said and done
If there’s any lack Jones gets it done
The veteran clutch gives advice for free
He blocks the critical shot and gets the essential three