Monday, January 21, 2008

Greetings on MLK Day

Happy Monday, but more importantly, happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Make sure that you get a chance today to reflect on Dr. King's life and legacy as one of our greatest Americans.

The Blazers got a chance to do just that in Atlanta over the weekend. Jason Quick was there. So was J.A. Andande. When you're on the road, you don't have much time for anything other than practicing, sleeping and moving on to the next city, so it really says something that this team made time to visit some of the sites Dr. King frequented as a child.

And though it's a holiday, there's still work to do. The game today (11 a.m. to be exact) is a big one. A win assures the Blazers a record of no worse than 3-4 on this trip, which is a respectable feat for a young team on a long trip. Not to mention the Blazers has a nice streak going against the Hawks at Phillips Arena, having not lost there since January of 2002.

So enjoy the afternoon game if your at home, and if you're at work, take that little AM radio you stash in your desk and tune it in to Wheels and Antonio on KXL 750. And if you get a chance, go vote for the slew of mid-season awards that Dave at Blazer's Edge is facilitating.

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