Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Interesting stat of the day: January 15

I know I'm not exactly an impartial observer, but these Blazers are awesome. Really, really awesome. No offense to the players who have since moved on, but if any of the teams from the last three years had lost in double-overtime, then had another game the next night, they would have been the one's getting blown out.

At least that's what my hunch was. So I thought I'd go through the results from the last five years to see how the Blazers did in the next game after losing in overtime. Turns out my hunch was correct. So here's today's stat of the day:
Between the 2006-2007 and 2002-2003 season, the Trail Blazers were 4-10 in games played after losing an overtime game.

They've only lost one overtime game this season, but they did come back and win the next game (a back-to-back no less). Just another indicator of how this team is different from those of recent years past.


mschofer said...

Agreed we would have folded in the past.

but statistics are like bikinis....4-10 after overtime losses just a guess A .286 winning percentage wasnt far off of our actual winning percentage.


Casey Holdahl said...

An interesting point mschofer, but actually not the case. The win percentage from those five years was actually .417. I tend to agree with your suggestion though that stats like these are somewhat coincidental.

NateDogg said...

How to not lose a game:

Your starting 5: 56% fg 67% 3point

Thier starting 5:25% fg 37% 3point

It's just that easy.


Roll the Celtics!

GiangioTheGlide said...

Hi there! When I wake up in the morning the first thing I do is looking up Blazers' scores...what a team!

Casey Holdahl said...

Sound advice Nate.

Thanks Giangio.