Friday, January 25, 2008

Everyone loves iRoy

The All-Star starters have been announced, but the reserves are still yet to be decided. The coaches picks don't come out until Janurary 31, meaning that we'll have to wait another week before we know whether or not the iRoy succeeded in it's goal: To get Brandon Roy into the All-Star game.

But even if Brandon is passed over, the iRoy has still been successful in drawing more attention to Roy and our sleepy little neck of the woods. Check out the buzz that the iRoy has created.

ESPN's Ric Bucher first introduced the iRoy to the nation.

Brian Berger, the authority on all things sports and business, calls the iRoy "pure genius."

Brian Hendrickson of the Columbian thinks the iRoy trumps the Roy Leatherman promotion from last year. I tend to agree, though I don't have an iRoy to compare to my Roy Leatherman.

Katy Brown at KATU notes, "Who wouldn't be excited to receive an iPod?"

TrueHoop's Henry Abbott likes his iRoy, but thinks there should have been more footage of Roy rebounding.
I got one today, and it's loaded up with highlights -- mostly him scoring. I feel they missed a key thing: he gets key rebounds in crunch time. I can remember several. That's what makes him different. All the coaches getting these ipod's know he can score. Roy just did that again. In a crowd of Hawks, tied late in overtime, he managed to get the ball out of bounds off a Hawk.

OregonLive Blazer blogger Sean Meagher wants one, so do the folks at Larry Brown Sports.


Patrick said...

Since I can't see the Blazers selling leftover iRoys, can we at least access the video loaded on them? Not sure if copyright protections on the songs would prohibit it, but I'd love to download the video and make my own iRoy.

Casey Holdahl said...

The copyright issue is the hangup patrick. Hopefully we'll find a way to get around it so everyone can load up on Roy highlights.