Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Watch: Nate McMillan talks postgame

As you might expect, Coach Nate McMillan was none too satisfied with the way things turned out on Wednesday night. Outside of the first three minutes and the last three minutes, the Trail Blazers basically controlled the game. Portland has been on the other end of these kinds of games, most recently Sunday against the Hawks, but it doesn't make tonight any easier to stomach.

You don't need to watch more than a few seconds of the following video to see how disappointed Nate McMillan was after the game, but I'd suggest watching the whole thing anyway.


BlazerRed said...

Weeellll, Nate definitely owns part of the loss with poor coaching down the stretch. He failed to call a timeout when Brandon was clearly in trouble dribbling around the perimeter (we had at least 2 TO available at that point!) and had to launch a long range 3 pt prayer! Then to not have Joel in the game for defense the last possession!? What the heck!! Didn't we learn this with Toronto?? As much as I like LA, he's no help on that end of the floor(!)

millertime said...

ya I thought there were alot they could have done to win that game and they did not do it. Better defence, better subs..ect that was really dispointing lose for me!
The blazers need to sit down as a team and find out what the difference between now and 10 games ago. behind you 110%!!!!
I also think are shooters are rushing shots. They are lacking the ball movement they had early this year. you can do it. rip city