Thursday, January 31, 2008

Listen: Roy, McMillan talk about All-Star

A HUGE congratulations to Brandon Roy for being voted by the coaches onto the All-Star team. It's hard to think of a guy who deserves it more than Brandon. It's a testament to hard work and going about the game the right way.

Here's the audio from today's press conference with Nate McMillan and Brandon Roy fielding questions about Roy's first All-Star selection. Give it a listen if you'd like to hear reaction from coach and player.

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millertime said...

I tried to leave a commit on the roy pop thing when i first got on but it would not let me. anyway well deserved i would have been pissed if they would have denied roy the golden boy that honor. I think players who are playing well should spread the love and find out how to get everybody on the same level. I have to say that i really enjoyed watching the blazers this year.(even though i had to buy the league pass because of the whole comcast thing. which is stupid and allen should fix it or have alot of pissed off fans.
way to go roy