Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Even more pregame notes with Nate McMillan

Nate McMillan said a few interesting things in his pregame press conference, much of it having to do with the recent trade rumors. Here's a snippet of what was said.

Rebecca Haarlow: Yesterday, LeBron said that he thinks you have more talent on this team than the Cavs do. Your thoughts?

Nate McMillan: I like our talent. I like what we’re doing. We feel we have a lot of potential and it’s starting to show. You have to prove that on the floor, but we like the group that we’ve put together, our combination of players and our youth. As far as rebuilding and everything, I think that’s hard to say, man for man, who’s the better club. We don’t have Greg; we haven’t seen Greg play with this team. I think these guys have done some things to earn respect from other teams and organizations this year.

Jason Quick: Has Kevin given you assurances that he’s going to stand pat, keep this roster intact this year?

Nate McMillan: We like what we have, but I think he will listen. I don’t think his plan is to go out and shop, but with us playing as well as we’re playing right now, and I tell our guys this, we’re going to start to hear all kinds of things for the next few weeks. We’ve got what a lot of people want and that is youth and some potential. And the fact that we’re playing well, that’s going to attract some people and, you know, I expect the phone to start ringing.

Jason Quick: Would you prefer to not make a deal?

Nate McMillan: I like our team. I like our team. I like what we’re doing. I like the direction, but in saying that, and I’ve never been a GM, you have to at that position, if an opportunity makes sense and fits your direction, I’ve said this all along, you look at that. You consider that. But yeah, I like our team. I like what we’re doing.

Katy Brown: Do you worry about the great chemistry going on here? Does a coach worry about even talk of that stuff upsetting that?

Nate McMillan: Yeah, but at this time of the year, it always comes. There’s nothing I can do about it. There’s nothing they can do about it. This time of the year, February, you’re going to hear it regardless. We weren’t as good the last two years or winning the last two years, but we had a number of guys who were thinking their address would change. Some wanted to. But there’s nothing they can do, there’s nothing we can do about that. That’s my message to the team. Come to me if you feel uncomfortable or if you’re thinking that something is true and I’ll talk to you and let you know as much as I can. But there’s nothing we can do about that.

Katy Brown: It’s almost a form of flattery you’re saying then that you guys are in the place were people are looking at your roster.

Nate McMillan: No question. No question. They’re looking at our roster. They’re looking at our young guys. We’ve have all young guys and they played well. We’ve got four point guards, you know? They know that Sergio and Green are not playing a lot of minutes. Jack is playing a back-up, so that will attract some people. So we’ve got some guys that people like. Again, unless it makes sense for us, we’re not doing anything.

Katy Brown: Are you apart of that conversation?

Nate McMillan: I hear what’s going on. I hear what’s going on.


JEvans1963 said...

Thanks Casey for the extensive quotes and video with Nate...his thoughts and observations reveal alot into the inner sanctum of the team...something that is hard to get to when its being filtered by other media.

Casey Holdahl said...

My pleasure jevans.

oldschoolblazer said...

Maybe the Blazers should see if New Jersey would take LaFrentz/Miles/McRoberts and Green for J.Kidd.He could show Sergio how the point is played and show Frye and to Rebound.Kidds contracts up in 08-09 just like Lafrentz and they would be getting two young guys like they want.Frye does not rebound very well at all. We need someone to tutor Frye on rebounding and tutor Sergio.Who better then Kidd.I work the trade out on trade machine and it works for both teams.And Portland can keep all the core players.