Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Video: Nate McMillan post-practice

Strange doings today at the practice facility.

A crazy amount of equipment (including a mini hot air balloon) and actors (including a Kevin Garnett look-alike) preparing to shoot a commercial, Nicolas Batum working out with the first team, Steve Blake and Channing Frye returning to practice for the first time since the start of training camp, zone defense drills and a fire alarm going off (which I assume had something to do with the commercial) made for an eventful afternoon in Tualatin.

Here's what Nate McMillan had to say about Batum's stint with the first unit. You can tell McMillan doesn't want anyone to read too much into it, but there's really no way that's going to happen.

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Don Layton said...

Batum has a 7'4" wingspan and can defend elite opposing SFs. If he can prove that he has a consistent shot and if he doesn't make stupid decisions, there's no way you don't start him.

BATUM = KOBE STOPPER (okay, maybe he'll slow him down some). Anyone else see that part of his game as being what McMillan is looking so hard at? This is potentially as big as Rudy.