Thursday, October 2, 2008

Little bits from Training Camp

Hopefully you've been checking out Training Camp Central, as we've got all kinds of video and a little bit of audio (with more coming soon!) from the first few days of practice in Tualatin. We're going to fill that page up with new content daily up until the regular season, so do yourself a favor: bookmark Training Camp Central now.

Mike Barrett has been doing a fantastic job of keeping everyone (including me) apprised of the events at training camp, but I thought I'd piggyback on a few of his posts with a couple updates of my own.

-- As nearly everyone has noted, LaMarcus Aldridge looks fantastic. He's doing everything with a ton of confidence. I fully expect LA to steal the show this season. I didn't have an opportunity to watch much of yesterday's practice, but in the short time I was in the gym, I saw Aldridge poke away a Rudy Fernandez pass intended for Joel Przybilla and hit a tough double-clutch over Ike Diogu.

-- I didn't see it happen, but I think Jerryd Bayless might have taken a shot to the nose. I saw him stuff some gauze up one of this nostrils toward the end of practice. Maybe it's just all this dry Oregon air.

-- Brandon Roy looked a bit gassed at the end of practice, but he still looked great. The guy is always in total control. At one point toward the end of practice Roy got into the paint, then pulled up and nailed a turnaround jumper over Travis Outlaw. That isn't an easy shot to make even with fresh legs.

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Will said...

Casey, what's the chance you can get a webcam set up at training camp that we can stream video from? That would be sweet.