Monday, October 13, 2008

Audio: Magic talks Trail Blazers

Magic Johnson, former Laker, current NBA analyst and forever a member of the Hall of Fame, has some great things to say about the Trail Blazers in the clip below. I'm not sure exactly the origins of said clip, but who care? He's saying nice things!

UPDATE: The clip is from a conference call during which ABC/ESPN announced that Magic would be joining the World Wide Leader as an NBA analyst. Jay Allen, he of 95.5 The Game fame, hopped on the call and asked about the Trail Blazers. A wise decision.

Download the clip (1 MB).

Thanks to Jay Allen and 95.5 The Game for the clip.


John said...

God, what a homer. ha ha ha

matt said...

wow that is quite the complement. You know its serious when Magic is talking about Portland. Watch out NBA rip city is back.

Don Layton said...

Magic? A homer? That was completely senseless. What kind of a homer are you John? ha ha ha

appel82 said...

Thanks for posting this fellas, Magic is a legend whose opinion obviously means something.