Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Greg Oden rides the bull

On the eve of his first real game in the NBA, Greg Oden made sure to keep it mellow. Or to be more specific, Greg's mom made sure her son would be well fed and rested before his debut at the Staples Center.

"My mom threw a dinner," said Oden. "My dad came out and a couple of people that I’ve know for years -- she got them all a suite -- so I went out to dinner with them. Then I came back to the hotel and watched TV all night."

But what does a 20 year old with the world at his fingertips watch on a Monday night in Santa Monica? The George Lopez Show and The Fresh Prince of Bel Aire. What else would you expect from G.O.?

Greg's night got even more exciting from there.

"I passed out quick," said Oden. "Drank a Red Bull before I went to sleep and just crashed! Crashed in 15 minutes."

But don't most people drink Red Bull to, you know, stay awake? Maybe so, but that ain't Greg Oden.

"I always get a sugar high, then I crash," Oden explained. "Before I go to sleep when I’m at home I eat a sweet bowl of cereal, like Cap’n Crunch, so I get a sugar high and then I crash."

Family dinner, reruns and Red Bull. Not exactly glamorous, but good enough for G.O.


Daniel said...

Sounds like GO has blood sugar issues. That would explain why he seems extra-tired sometimes.

BRoyFTW said...

That's what I do when I can't sleep. Watch nick at night. Fresh Prince use to be on for 4 hours straight and then they started mixing in other shows which sucks. Faminly Matters is pretty cool but the rest are kind of lame.