Wednesday, October 15, 2008

10.15.08 Edition of the Podcast

Greetings Trail Blazers podcast fans. This week's edition of the podcast featuring Gavin Dawson of 95.5 The Game, Dave Deckard of Blazer's Edge and myself, Casey Holdahl, of is now available for your listening pleasure.

I'd give you a recap of the show, but I just got done sweeping up hair for the last four hours, and I'm a bit forgetful as to what it is we talked about. I remember it being interesting, though. Listen, live and let die.

Download the podcast (27.4 MB).


Amayra said...

We are a couple from Barcelona, members of la penya living in Nashville for a year. We want to give Rudy all the support for this first year. Animo con el ingles y revienta muchos aros!!!!. Força penya&Força Portland!!!!

andrew said...

Thank you for the podcast. Great job as always man.

Anonymous said...

Hey Casey,

Not sure who's in charge of editing and compressing the podcast, but could you guys bump up the volume on it a bit? I listen to it on an iPod while biking around, and it's pretty quiet, even at the max volume setting. That being said, I love what you guys are doing, keep it up!

cogley said...

KEEP Channing Frye.

I don't remember exactly what was said, but i believe it was last year just before The Streak that coach was talking to the team and with nothing to lose, channing spoke up and was the voice saying that the team would respond and they did. He's never complained about his role, and he's worked extremely hard and wants to play his part on this team. He's worked to fill James Jones' vancant shoes, a perfect backup to LA, and a veteran now who's got a lot of heart. The way i've always seen him is the guy who doesn't have it all, that has to work for what he has, that unwillingly becomes a leader because of how much he'll guide and encourage other people. If you've got a guy like him around you've got something special.

don't trade channing frye, we like him too much.

cogley said...

All of that said, now that i'm thinking about the free agent season coming up soon and everyone trying to clear space... i really don't think portland needs to worry about all of that. We have people here who want to stay here who are incredible. Greg, Brandon, LA... i think the people who we need to spend long term money on to keep on this squad and let the other players rotate around them as far as who comes and goes are these, and i do believe we need to keep all of them, they each bring something very unique. here's my list:

Steve Blake
Joel Przybilla
Channing Frye
Travis Outlaw

Martel is still unproven to me.

but i say to mr. allen, spend your money on keeping these guys... the lot of them together will bring you a new set of rings.