Wednesday, October 8, 2008

In game observations: Warriors vs. Trail Blazers

They say you can't win them all, and tonight is definitely proves that adage. The final will end up 110-95 Warriors. Personally, I just hope that Rudy is ok. I'd take a million preseason losses in exchange for a healthy Fernandez.

Ugh. Rudy stays down on the floor after turning his ankle. Looks like he stepped on Sergio's foot. Hopefully it's not to serious, but he's on his way to the locker room. My guess is he's done for the night. Warriors lead 106-93. This one is slipping away.

Travis Outlaw gets his first field goal of the game with 5:40 left in the game. He's 1-for-9 on the night. They'll need more from Travis with Martell out of the lineup.

Not a very good quarter for the Blazers thus far with just five points in the quarter to Golden State's 17. Lots of turnovers and not to many high percentage shots for the good guys. Blazes are going super small out of the timeout, with Rudy, Bayless, Jackson, Outlaw and Diogu taking to the floor.

Nic Batum is again looking nice, especially on the defensive end and in transition. Same goes for Rudy (natch). The good guys take a 78-77 lead going into the final frame.

An Aldridge dunk, a Batum layin (with a missed free throw), an Aldridge layin and a Batum layin gives the Blazers an 8-0 run. Still down 76-74 though.

Attendance tonight has been announced as 17,847. Not as many as last night, but still a great number for a televised preseason game. The home squad haven't given the home crowd much to cheer about in the second half though. Golden State leads 76-66 with three minutes to play in the third quarter.

Greg Oden and Andris Biendrins trade a few buckets before Bayless hits a three from the far baseline. Rudy with the assist.

Greg Oden gets the Blazers on the board in the second half with a (wait for it ...) power dunk. Young Oden has four dunks on the night, so far.

It took almost the entire first half, but Sergio and Rudy finally hooked up for an alley-oop with 4 seconds left in the quarter. LaMarcus set a pick for Sergio, which drew Rudy's defender in anticipation of the pick and pop. Seeing that, Rudy cut baseline, Sergio sent up the lob from behind the three point line, and the rest is highlight history.

It's a little sloppy out there as we close in on the end of the half. Rudy came real close to finishing a Sergio thrown alley-opp that would have brought the house down, but he couldn't get the handle. Luke Jackson did hit a few threes. Way to go LJ. 47-47 with 1:14 to go in the half.

Greg Oden, who has rejected a few shots in his day, ends up getting his own shot stuffed by Ronny Turiaf. Even he isn't immune to getting blocked every now and then.

Luke Jackson gets to the bucket for his first Trail Blazers points. The Duck fans in the crowd like that.

Joel Przybilla gets the kind bounce on the putback, and that gives the Blazers a 27-26 advantage at the end of the first quarter.

The Rose Garden is quite a bit sleepier tonight. Crowd looks a thinner and less lively. It's their preseason too.

LaMarcus Aldridge looks like he got the first game jitters out last night. He's making it happen inside out so far, leading all scorers with 10 points.

Corey Maggette is doing what he does, which is drawing fouls at a breakneck pace. Nate McMillan wants to talk it over, though I don't know there's anything you can do to keep Maggette from getting to the line.

I love Travis Outlaw. One of my favorite guys on the team. But he's making life hard for himself tonight on the offensive end. We know you've got ups Trav, but you can't just try to elevate for the jumper with a defender right in your grill.

Rudy finds Oden for a patented monster dunk, which is nice. The defensive three seconds on the ensuing play? Not so nice.

Tonight's game gets off to the same start as last night's, with Oden winning the tip, Blazers get nothing on the possession, then they commit a defensive three second violation.

Lets do it again lady and gents. Brandon Roy has the night off, and Martell Webster is out with broken bone in his foot, so tonight's game should look quote a bit different than last night's argle-bargle.

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