Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Taking it to Kobe

Just a few minutes from tip, so I don't have time to say anything clever or pointion. Nevertheless, I wanted to share with you what Brandon Roy had to say this afternoon regarding Kobe. Take it away Brandon:

"For me it’s just a matter of forcing Kobe to earn every shot he takes tonight. There’s things you can’t do because he’s so talented and can adjust so well, but for me, it’s my job to make his game tough tonight.

"Offensively I need to put a lot of pressure on him so he’s not saving all of his energy to go at me. I’ve got to try and return the favor and go at him. So it’s forcing him into tough shots and expecting some help from my guys."

Enough talk and typing. It's time to take it to the floor. Go Trail Blazers!

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Manuel de Jesus said...

didn't work out too well, did it..