Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Video: Post-game comments

Sorry for the delay on the video from last night's post-game presser. For some reason my Mac didn't render the audio. I don't know, maybe Mac didn't like what he heard.

So you've got Nate McMillan, Rudy Fernandez, LaMarcus Aldridge and Greg Oden talking about last night's "game" against Golden State. I'd advise you to forget everything about yesterday's debacle as soon as possible, but if you're glutting for punishment, go ahead and give the video a look. Heck, maybe you'll even learn something.


JohnVM said...

Man, the Blazers' health insurance premiums must be rising daily with all of the injuries.

Sophia said...

Oh My Gosh. That tape wasn't bad untill Oden. He gave the most brutal interview. Who was the chica that asked him about losing his first home game? Wow he basically looked like Charles Barkley MCLovin died or something. Terrible. Just Terrible. Ah well.
Anyway, its just pre season. GOtta love these guys . . . :-)


PS what kind of healthcare coverage does the NBA offer? I hope they have a low out of pocket max on outpatient surgeries.

luanne53 said...

Oden wants to win and it shows! It's preseason and we were not close to full strength. Forget about it!
Get well Rudy. Go Blazers!

luanne53 said...

GO wants to win and it shows! It's preseason so forget about it. Get well Rudy! Go Blazers!