Sunday, April 5, 2009

We're In

Ever since the end of last season, the Trail Blazers have focused on one thing: Making the playoffs in 2009. Now that they're assured of reaching that goal, it's on to the next task. Beat the Houston Rockets and give yourself a chance to get homecourt advantage.

I get the feeling Nate McMillan and the rest of the Red and Black have been focusing on that goal for some time. While most of us have been focused on magic numbers, they've been focused on getting one of the top four playoff spots. That goal is attainable, especially with the way everyone seems to have stepped up their performances in the last two weeks. Something is different, and that's bad news for everyone else in the Western Conference.

Toward the end of the Dallas/Phoenix game, Marc Jackson picked the Trail Blazers as his playoff darkhorse, stating they're too young to know they're not supposed to be playing this well. I appreciate the sentiment, but I have to disagree. It's not that they don't know; they just don't care. They're writing their own story.


Kristin said...

"It's not that they don't know; they just don't care. They're writing their own story." You got it 100% right.

Casey Holdahl said...

First time for everything Kristin. Thanks for commenting.

Josh said...

I pity the fools that have to face us in round 1.

Go_Blazers said...

It's great that the Blazers made it to the first round. The next step is to start winning on the road against playoff teams. The Blazers seem to go to the basket harder at home and play with with much more passion. If they can do that for 4 quarters on the road, I think they can start winning on the road against playoff teams. Any other suggestions? Go Blazers!

BRoyFTW said...

Great news someone needs to tell Nate that if we have any chance of advancing he needs to start coaching. Batum gets pulled when he is doing everything right and playing defense. Outlaw makes a shot and gives one up with his pathetic defense.

Also, why punish Oden by taking him out. He started to look good against Yao and he sits him. Nate is an overrated coach. For a defensive stud, this team doesn't show that against good teams.

Play Batum. If he scores 2 points it's better than giving up 10 with Outlaw in there.

Casey Holdahl said...

Josh: I've got pity for no team. They'd have none for us.

Go_Blazers: I think you've got the right suggestions, though I have no idea how those would be implemented. Seems like everyone has a rough go on the road.

BRoyFTW: I think Coach McMillan has a reasonable substitution pattern. The team has improved significantly every season McMillan has been here. He must be doing something right.

hg said...

Casey, remember last week when i said we had to get proactive and do it to them before they did it to us. You wrote back with a reply if the refs would let us do that.

The second time you were right. you are on a roll.

It didn't take long for the bashers to come back. I thought we played a good game and played the game to win. But We still have to learn how to get it done.


BRoyFTW said...

Really, Nate substitution pattern is good? Then why can't Portland win a game on the road against a good team. The same coaching that gets it done at home doesn't seem to be working in LA, Atlanta, Boston, Phoenix, and now Houston.

Travis Outlaw scores 15 points and gives up 25. Wonder why we lose by 10 on the road all the time. Outlaw is not getting run at the SF when Webster gets back.

I really hope I'm wrong. I hope I'm asking for to much from a young team. It's discouraging to see the effective players being taken out.

aneebaba said...

This feel so good after 6 years!! So proud of this team - whatever happens.

kellex said...

And it feels damn good too!