Friday, April 24, 2009

Audio/Video From Game Three

All things considered, I don't think the Trail Blazers can be too upset with the way Friday night's game turned out. Sure, they would have much preferred to get a win, but having a real chance of winning the game late after an unfortunately familiar first half is a huge positive going into Game Four. I really beleive that.

After Game One, Travis Outlaw noted how important it is, even in a blowout, to play hard all the way through the final buzzer. He talked about the benefits of carrying something positive over to the next game, even in a loss. Tonight, the Blazers did just that. And on Sunday, we'll find out if Outlaw's theory rings true.


Brandon Roy Postgame

Nate McMillan Postgame

Rick Adelman Postgame


Postgame Locker Room Interviews

Game Three Highlights

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hg said...

We did everything we were supposed to do in the end to win.

The pick and roll with Steve and Greg was great.

I think LMA, should dish to Joel or Greg when Yao leaves them to help out.

I know Travis will get his game going. I never seen him post up before, I think if he had more time to practice he could have taken it to the rim several times rather than pass it out.

Everybody needs to mix up their game. Their adjustments were picking up on everybody’s traits. I think variations of our plays should be our big adjustment.