Saturday, April 18, 2009

Audio: McMillan, Roy, Aldridge From Shootaround

Not a whole lot to report from today's pre-playoff shootaround. Greg Oden was active and is expected to play after sitting out yesterday's practice with a sinus infection. It really just seemed like a regular 'ol shootaround, which is a good thing.

First up, Nate McMillan. Coach Mac took questions from what few media showed up today in Tualatin, with the gist being that he's ready to go. Enough talk, enough film, enough practice, settle it on the court.

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Brandon Roy echoed the sentiments of his coach. Guys are ready to go, but not really anxious. More talk about "playoff intensity," valuing each possession, and so forth. Roy cool as ice, as always

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Last out of the locker room was LaMarcus Aldridge. LA talks about what he's expecting from the Rockets, getting lots of sleep last night and why he's been acting so goofy.

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