Thursday, April 16, 2009

04.16.09 Podcast

It's been a terribly exciting and tiring couple of days here at Trail Blazers HQ, and I'm not feeling nearly cleaver enough to come up with reasons why you should listen to this week's podcast with Dave Deckard of Blazer's and me, Casey Holdahl of I think it's good and if you're a Blazers fan I'm sure you'll enjoy it. Seems like reason enough to me.

Dave and I talk playoffs, the Houston Rockets, playoffs, matchups, playoffs, the Rose Garden crowd and playoffs. It's postseasonal.

Download the podcast (32 MB)


millertime said...

At the the start of the year i said 50 wins and we passed that. so im going to say blazers in 6. I think the blazers are going to take one from the rockets at home.Roy, LA, and blake are going to be clutch but with the way travis and rudy also oden (can't forget him) have been we can't be beat.blazers in 6 mabey 5

Aaron McKenzie said...


I love these podcasts and thank you for doing them. One suggestion, though, if I might be so bold: try to cut down on your rambling comments (which do tend to go on for a bit too long) and give Dave a bit more time. Perhaps try to get the proverbial ball bouncing back and forth more.

Or disregard me altogether. After all, what do I know about podcasting? (Answer: not much)

Sweet Baby James said...

I think that was a solid breakdown of the matchup and I always appreciate Dave's very insightful and accurate analysis of our team. He doesn't let the fan in him get in the way of critical thinking and it's hard to find that AND someone who will know so much about a team (i.e. an actual fan of a team). Good stuff.

BRoyFTW said...

Casey, it's great that you also see Oden stepping up as well. I was wondering if you think he lost any explosiveness. I worry about him missing dunks. Is that nerves or are his legs not there? I hear Amare took 2 years to fully recover. I hope that is the case.