Thursday, April 9, 2009

Audio: Brandon Roy on Wheels At Work

Check out the inaugural "Brandon Roy Show" on Thursday's edition of "Wheels At Work." Roy will be a regular guest on Brian Wheeler's show every Thursday at 2:05 on 95.5 The Game. Be sure to mark your calenders so you can listen live.

Download the podcast (9.2 MB)

Thanks as always to Jay Allen and the crew at 95.5 The Game for the audio.


Ryan G said...

Thanks Casey,
Will you, Sean and Dave be recording a Podcast for this week?

appel82 said...

Thanks 95.5 and Casey for this, i heard the first part of this yesterday but had to go to class and missed it. I'm glad I was stuffing the ballot every day for LaMarcus before the all star break, I feel vindicated. Brandon is insanely 'real' and humble, I like how he said something like "none of us are fronting" all the blazers are really great guys. Tell Wheels to bring Travis on the Broy Show next time as a special guest, they are too funny together!