Monday, April 13, 2009

McMillan On Playoff Matchups: 'Everybody Wants Us'

Head Coach Nate McMillan claims he doesn't have a preference as to which team the Trail Blazers draw in the playoffs. And maybe he doesn't. But he does have an idea of what teams the rest of the Western Conference is hoping for.

"I think everybody wants us," said McMillan prior to Monday's game against the Thunder. "I would think that all the teams in the playoffs would want the young team. I would want the young Blazers."

But the media on hand, including Yahoo Sports' Johnny Ludden and ESPN's John Hollinger, weren't buying it. The media in attendance seemed to be in of one mind that the Blazers are the team most other playoff teams would like to avoid, but McMillan stood firm in his declaration.

"I think they do (want to play Portland in the playoffs)," said McMillan. "Just think about it: Would you want Utah or would you want Dallas or would you want New Orleans?"

The answer from the media: a resounding "Yes."

McMillan, as always, remained steadfast.

Said McMillan: "If I’m looking at those teams, I would think that they would want a young team coming into the playoffs."

Portland certainly is young, but I don't know that there are a whole lot of teams outside of Houston and Dallas that would like to draw the Trail Blazers. And if the Blazers end up with home court? No team, and I mean NO team, wants to enter a series knowing they have to steal a game at the Rose Garden.

Just don't try convincing Coach McMillan of that.

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Brian said...

You're probably right. When people look at the evolution of this group of players, it's, "wow, these guys are fascinating." And it's true, there's so much coherence between them...