Saturday, April 18, 2009

Rudy And The International Experience

Rudy Fernandez, despite his rookie status, has played in big games against grown men. Years playing in the ACB and Euroleague has given Rudy more than a taste of what it takes to get it done with big things on the line.

"I play in playoffs every year in ACB," said Fernandez. "In Spain, the first round is 1-1-1. The second round is best of five, 2-2-1. Finals are same as second round."

But he's not ready to say those postseasons in Spain have fully prepared him for what he's about to experience in the NBA playoffs.

"I don’t know, I think yes," replied Fernandez when asked if he can apply anything from the ACB playoffs to the NBA. "But this is the first time I play in the NBA and the first time I play in the playoffs in the NBA. Everything is new for me. But right now I’m focused on playing hard every game."

According to Fernandez, he thinks his years playing and winning with the Spanish National Team will serve as better preparation than the ACB postseason.

Said Rudy: "I have the experiences from the national team and I think that’s better experience. In Spain, (ACB) competition is good, it’s hard. But it’s not like the national team, playing world champions, second in the Olympics. I think this is the bigger experience for me."

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