Sunday, April 12, 2009

Video: Oden And ESPN's Sunday Conversation

As Decon points out in the comments,'s embed code doesn't seem to work. But if you don't mind navigating away to the World Wide Leader, the video is still available.


Decon said...

embedded inst working

joseph miller said...

Hey this has nothing to do with the blog from today, but i know you're a good listener.
I just checked out an article about rookies, giving superlatives to all different categories. Not once, does the name Nicholas Batum ever come up. If you watch this kid, its' amazing what he has done. Just cuz he doesnt regularly put in smashing offensive numbers doesnt mean he is extremely important to the team. What about making a category of statistically non-dominant rookies who have major impacts on their teams, ie; Nic Batum, Courtney Lee...

I just hate knowing that we have perhaps one of the more promising rookies, and nobody outside of Portland seems to notice. It's not his fault we got the most dominant young lineup ever!