Friday, February 1, 2008

Watch: McMillan post-game comments

Wow. Yet another overtime, and yet another clutch performance by the Trail Blazers. Nate McMillan keeps saying the team is coming out flat - which they are - but they keep finding ways to win more often than not. Between the return of Zach Randolph, the technical trouble with the clocks and Brandon Roy's first career triple-double, this is a game that won't soon be forgotten.

Here's the video from Nate McMillan's late post-game press conference. Sorry for the graininess.


Dichikawa said...

great comeback. The blazers played great defense in the 4th quarter and in the overtime and they finally stopped allowing second chance points. Lee and Balkman were killing the Blazers.

I wish one of the reporters asked if James Jones is ok. He seems to be in a shooting slump and I'm wondering if it's just tired legs or if his knee is bothering him.

oldschoolblazer said...

I wish somebody would ask all of the bigs why they don't block out LM.Aldridge,C.Frye,T.Outlaw and also why Outlaw,Webster,Blake and Jones don' t DRIVE into the lane more for easy baskets or fouls.

hg said...

why can't we rebound and play defense like we do in the fourth?is it because of fouls? to rough? or to scared?