Monday, February 18, 2008

The dunk that almost was

As far as All-Star performances go, Brandon Roy turned in an awesome one last night. I figured that I watch Roy get a few minutes in the first half, watch The Simpsons, then turn back to TNT in time to watch him get a few more minutes toward the end of the game. It was a nice surprise to see him play a TON, more than any other player on the Western Conference team. 28 minutes is a lot of burn for anyone in an All-Star game, let alone a first-timer and a sophomore. A cursory glance at the box scores from previous All-Star games would lead me to believe that, aside from LeBron James in 2003, Roy logged the most minutes for a first-year All-Star, but don't quote me on that.

Roy also had the best field-goal percentage of any of the All-Stars, finishing a ridiculous 8-for-10 from the field. Both of Brandon's misses came in the second quarter. One of the misses was a 23-foot three, the other a missed dunk. Chris Paul's toss to Roy was a bit hard to handle, so it's no surprise that he didn't finish the alley-oop, but even the miss made for some nice art. I liked the pics from that almost-dunk so much that I thought I'd post those in the blog.


perrycallas said...

Brandon's stint was magnificent. He played like a veteran all-star.

Mark said...

I held my breath when I saw Chris Paul and Brandon the only two on the fast break because I knew they were going to try something spectacular. I think Paul got a little too excited that there were no defenders within 30 feet of the two and just threw the ball off the backboard a little too strong. I tough Brandon made a good effort though just to even make the ball hit rim. That would have easily been the best dunk of the night, even with that inhuman Dwight Howard and Lebron James' dunks.

I can't wait for the fellas to get back out on the court against the Kings. They got a much needed rest (except for Roy) and I think they will come out much more poised then they have been the past five or so games.

millertime said...

ya boy

Thats what i'm talkin about
the true golden boy........ broy