Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Dime interview with Brandon Roy

There are still bits and piece from All-Star weekended finding their way onto the internet. The game may be over, the the hoopla goes on. Take this Q&A Brandon Roy did with Dime Magazine, for instance.
Dime: What happened on that play where it looked like you and Sean Williams almost got into it?

BR: We had talked crap before the game about who was gonna get dunked on. I was just like, “I almost had you on ESPN tonight.”


Dime: Obviously the All-Star Game gets intense near the end. But does anyone really play defense in the rookie game?

BR: (Laughing) We play defense. You try to run the floor and get back, stay in front of your man, but you don’t wanna hurt anybody either. I think that’s the worst thing you can do is have somebody get hurt out here. You play hard, but you don’t wanna play too hard where you hurt somebody. I think everybody kinda knows that. Nobody says it, but it’s kind of an unwritten rule.

Roy's got one All-Star game under his belt and he's already talking about "unwritten rules" and trash talking. The maturation continues.

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