Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Seven reasons from Wheeler

Trail Blazers radio play-by-play man Brian Wheeler calls one heck of a game. But in between the "boomshakalakas," he also makes playoff predictions. As NBA.com Broadcaster of the Week, Wheels lays out the seven reasons why the Trail Blazers are going to make the playoffs. A couple of Wheels' arguments sounded better before the loss last night, but they're quality arguments nonetheless.

If you've got any reasons why the Blazers will make the playoffs that Wheels didn't cover, lets here those. I'll be sure to pass those thoughts on.

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benwaytn said...

I raelly hope they make the playoffs this year. It would give them huge momentum for next. But...I have to agree with Charles Barclay when he said they won't, because they are a jump shooting team. When Lamarcus decides that he is the man and starts taking the ball strong to hoop they will be hard to stop. He is young and needs to bulk up a little in order to take the kind of beating that it takes to get to the foul line 8-10 times a game. He has a nice jump shot but like Chuck said they have a lot of jump shooters. I don't mean to pick on Lamarcus,the whole team needs to be more physical, but he is the man that can take this team to the promised land.