Friday, February 15, 2008

LaMarcus surveys the competition

During the media availability yesterday, LaMarcus Aldridge was asked about how some of the other Most Improved Player candidates. Here's what the big man had to say.
Ronnie Brewer : “He’s more aggressive this year. He’s looking for his shot more. When we played them, he was more offensive minded than last year.”

Rudy Gay : “He’s doing everything better. He’s shooting it well, he’s going to the basket, he’s finishing … I think he’s just overall gotten more confidence and he’s playing like it.”

Jose Calderon :
“Solid. He’s playing more solid and he can shoot the ball well.”

Chris Kaman : “He’s been more dominant in there. He’s putting up good numbers and he’s more offensive minded and he’s trying dominate every night.”

Andrew Bynum : “Oh, man. I think he got in better shape. I don’t really know if he was out of shape, but it looked like he was in better shape. He took more of an attitude of trying to get deep-post position and trying to dominate the paint.”

Al Jefferson : “He’s always been good, to me. I just think he has more opportunities now.”

LaMarcus Aldridge :
“He’s more confident. He has more opportunities and he’s playing with more confidence.”


Colin said...

Please, Casey. Blog about why Sean Williams flipped Lamarcus the bird after the rookie-sophmore game. WTH?! What a punk

Ben said...

Check out the video titled "Top 5" from the Copa del Rey (if you haven't already). Number 1 is Rudy Fernandez gettin' ridiculous.
And yes, please, someone acknowledge what a punk this Williams kid is. I can't believe they posted an article on about how this poor misunderstood kid is turning things around. And then he flips off LMA and curses him out at the All-Star 'youth night'. What a clown. Right in front of Bucher, too, who had to have seen it. Pathetic.