Friday, February 29, 2008

Notes and Quotes: Blazers 119, Lakers 111

Wins don't get much more satisfying than that. It's probably still a bit premature, but if the Trail Blazers can somehow carry this momentum into the next game against Golden State, maybe they could rattle off a few wins in a row and get back into the playoff race. They've got a lot of tough games ahead, but if they play like they did tonight, they've got a chance to get quite a few wins before this season is said and done.

Brandon Roy’s 12 assists career high (old 11 three times this season)

Blazers 119 points season high point total (previous was 117-113 over Bucks 12/9 in OT)

Steve Blake matches his career-high three-pointers for a game with five (of 8) in first half

Jarrett Jack ties season high with 21 points.

Portland’s bench outscores the Lakers reserves 47-23

Blazers’ 64 first half points and 37 in second quarter both season highs (previous 61 vs. Nuggets 12/16 and 36 at Hawks 1/21

Trail Blazers have won five straight over the Lakers in the Rose Garden, 11 of the last 13, and 18 of the last 22


Nate McMillan
“I thought this was our most efficient game in a long time. We started off kind of slow defensively but picked it up in the second quarter and through out the rest of the game. Our ball movement was terrific---29 assists with only six turnovers is a great ratio. I thought we spread the floor well with our shooters, moved the ball effectively against their defense and then seeing the ball go into the basket. We had not had much of that lately.

“Having everybody back gives our guys confidence for the rest of the season. I thought we got back to that point earlier when both of our units were terrific. We set that tone when James and Jarrett came in. Our bench outscored the Lakers 47-23. I think the whole team came out and had fun like we used to be doing during the streak. We were pretty active defensively. I thought our bigs---Joel and LaMarcus---played very aggressively and made it difficult for the Lakers inside. Kobe got his points but we made him work for them. It was just a well played game. There are so many things to be talked about: James coming in after a layoff and hitting those threes and spreading the floor; Steve Blake cashing in on those threes in the first half; and Travis now being able to create his own shots.

“This is a good reason for a number of reasons: We’ve been through some rough times. I was certainly good to have everybody back and it showed in the fact that we could attack them with so many options.”

Jarrett Jack
“This game ranks right up there with the rest of them (the victories this season). Everybody was stepping up big tonight. We’re competitors. Down in L.A. we didn’t play a complete 48 minutes. Tonight was a complete game, especially the contributions from our ‘bigs,’ Joel (Przybilla) and L.A. (LaMarcus Aldridge). They were grinding down low for us. We don’t back down to anybody when you come through the paint. Joel took a hard foul. I had his back; you know me. I’m trying to get in the middle of things.”

Brandon Roy
“I think this is a great team effort. Look at our scoring: It was balanced. Our defensive effort on Kobe was great tonight. We made him work tonight for everything he got. Yeah, it was a fun game. The fans did a great job of supporting us. They’re sticking with and we’re trying to do our best to win games. Joel set the tone (tonight) but our fans really set the tonight. They made it a playoff atmosphere and we did our best to try to show up. I thinks it makes Coach feel great to go to a number of guys. Having James (Jones) back and me being back out there. It just gives us balances. It makes both our lineups strong. Its great seeing everybody back out there again. We were having fun out there. I hope we can just finish the last games the same.”

Phil Jackson
“They certainly played a good fourth quarter. We matched them most of the game. A couple little things turned the game around. They changed the momentum. We played a very good game up until the four or five minute mark. You know fatigue has an effect on the ball game, but you don’t use it as an excuse. When you see the three point shooting - that’s usually where it comes out. They play real well; this is an aggressive team. Nate McMillan is a fine young coach. They did a fine job against us defensively. They deserve to win. You know you are going lose (the winning streak would inevitably end), but you hope to not have a slippage of fundamentals, or things like that.”

“Defensively, we didn’t get the turnovers. They were able to have one turnover in the first half and they had none in the fourth quarter. Defensively I didn’t think we were aggressive enough, so we have to look at that a little bit. Offensively, we were good. We just couldn’t finish this one out. You take the loss and just try to not let it hurt your momentum.”

Luke Walton
“They’re a good young team, especially at home. They hit a bunch of shots down the stretch and we didn’t make shots. A couple times we thought we could’ve built a little lead on them, but then we messed up. The start of the first quarter was one of those times. You keep a team like that around on their home court and they’ll make you pay. It’s a crazy league, sometimes the teams got your number, up here they’ve got our number right now."

Lamar Odom
“We played good tonight, but we just didn’t execute down the stretch. We scrapped with them, until we got to the fourth quarter. They beat us; they played well. They made some big shots when they needed it… They’ve got a great home court advantage here and we didn’t play well enough to beat them on their floor tonight.

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Geoff said...


I posted the following on MBs blog as well. Perhaps you can assist with this also.

After the game I came home to listen to Wheel's call on, but the Portland link on the audio league pass plays Tuesday's Blazer/Laker game, and the LA link plays the Laker/Sonic game from Sunday. I tried other links from the Feb. 29 schedule and all of them are playing games from earlier in the week.

I've emailed the NBA about previous issues with their radio coverage, namely the "Complete Upcoming Schedule" and "Archive" links do not work, and there are times when a scheduled game moves to another place on the dial, and the NBA link ends up playing a college game or whatever bumped the scheduled NBA game.

The reason I'm addressing this to you is that you're closer to the people who might be able to do something about this, even if it's forwarding this on to someone at the NBA offices who will address it. I haven't received a reply from the NBA ( after sending several previous emails alerting them to the techincal issues that plague that part of the experience. Perhaps you could forward this on to someone who might get their attention. You don't have to post this on your blog. If you want to email me, you may at

About last night's game: I sat by some Laker fans in their purple and gold and in the first quarter when Kobe would go to the FT line, they'd chant "MVP! MVP!". I told on guy, "You won't be saying that in the 4th quarter!" I knew I might eat those words later, but man was it great to see the Laker fans quiet in the last minute when it sank in that the Lakers would lose. (Thanks for your help