Monday, February 11, 2008

The Rudy Fernandez fervor

You may or may not have heard that Rudy Fernandez, whose NBA rights belong to the Trail Blazers, led his Spanish club team DKV Joventut to a Copa del Rey (which, I'm told, roughly translates to "Cup of Kings") title, beating Tau Ceramica 82-80. There's all kinds of video of the game and aftermath if you'd like to brush up. Here's the press release from FIBA, which is the governing body of European basketball

Fernandez led all scorers with 32 points while grabbing three rebounds and handing out two assists. He was also named MVP of the cup for the second time in his career. How do you say "domination" in Spanish?

After winning the cup title, Fernandez was asked about his future in the Spanish league considering that most expect him to play for the Trail Blazers next season. Rudy says all the things you would expect him say, especially after just winning one of the prestigious basketball tournaments in Europe. When reading the quotes in that Yahoo Sports story, it's worth noting that DKV Joventut is still in the middle of the Spanish ACB season. I read his remarks as those of a player on a team not wanting to undermine the rest of his team's season by talking about the future. It's the right move.

Some Spanish speaking fans over at Blazer's Edge have also argued that the translation used in the Yahoo story is incorrect. I don't know Spanish, so I can't really speak to the translation, but from a journalistic standpoint, I think the use of the headline "Blazers G Fernandez to stay in Spain" is a bit disingenuous and not wholly representative of what is actually written in the story.


David said...

Rudy is coming next season. Just ask Sergio.

shfuentes said...

I'm from Spain and everybody knows here that Rudy will be in NBA the next season!

Albert said...

don't you worry!
He'll go to Portland next year, you can be sure of that.
Hope Nate treats him better than his national team teammate Sergio!

Jose Antonio Jimenez said...

That translation is not OK. Here in Spain he said he will go to Blazers next year, there is no doubt. Even the Spanish National Team coach said that in an interview for MARCA. If you want to follow Rudy Fernandez you can do in .There you have stats and comments about him every week.
Hope to see Sergio and Rudy´s connection in Blazers! you´ll enjoy with them!If you want more information ask for it! bye!

Anonymous said...

Copa del Rey doesn't mean "cup of the kings" but "King's Cup". Don't forget that Spain is a constitutional monarchy (King Juan Carlos is the chief of state). The same competition exists in soccer.

pheasant said...

I can't wait to get Rudy here in Portland!! To all of Sergio and Rudy's Countrymen, I have to say that it is really fun to read your opinions you all are very bright about basketball. Your enthusiasm for your players and now my beloved Blazers is appreciated.

Casey Holdahl said...

Thanks Jose, I might take you up on that offer.

And gracias to everyone else for the comments.