Thursday, February 28, 2008

Draft talk already?

Chad Ford mentions in a chat today that PG/SG Russell Westbrook would "be perfect" for the Trail Blazers should he be available when Kevin Pritchard makes his pick this summer. I've seen Westbrook play a couple times this season, and the Blazers could certainly do a lot worse.'s Sean Meagher has a lot more information on Westbrook. Definitely worth checking out.

So do you have a horse in the early draft race? If the season ended today, the Blazers would have the 13th pick. Are you more of a Kevin Love supporter? Should the Blazers draft big, small or somewhere in between? Or are you one of those people who think we've already got enough young talent and would prefer to trade the pick? Lets hear it.

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Chris Snethen said...

Please, Dear God...not Kevin Love. Trade the pick.