Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Video: Roy, Bayless, Outlaw Postgame

Nice to come back and get this one after the thumping the Thunder administered in Oklahoma City. Nate McMillan got great production from just about everyone who played significant minutes, which is a pleasant change from some of the recent goings ons. Now it's onto Oakland before All-Star break.

But before heading out to the Bay Area, check out what Brandon Roy, Jerryd Bayless and Travis Outlaw had to say after defeating the Thunder.


Hien said...

"I just got tired" - T.O

best line to ever come out of his mouth =)

Rick_Dawg said...

It might be the truest thing he's ever said too :) Is it just me or does Brandon look more and more bored after every game in these interviews? I can't say I blame him, that would get so monotonous

appel82 said...

travis is so endearing. Casey, I was wondering if you were aware of the audio problems with the comcast broadcasts, I've mentioned it to other people and they hear it too, could you talk to the comcast/blazer people to fix this? I hate to bring up something off topic but it's been happening for like over a month and It's pretty unprofessional. Basically, there is a slight change in pitch every 50 or 60 seconds, similar to a messed up tape.
BTW thanks for the podcasts, I enjoy them.