Thursday, February 5, 2009

02.05.09 Edition of the Podcast

Another loss to the Mavericks in Dallas, but there's still a podcast in Portland that wins no matter how well Brandon Bass plays. Gavin Dawson of 95.5 The Game, Dave Deckard of Blazer's Edge and myself, Casey Holdahl, of provide for your listening pleasure this week's edition of the podcast. Drink it up!

This week we discuss the loss to the Mavericks, the importance of taking advantage of the upcoming schedule, whether the team is considering trades with the 2009 playoffs in mind, Travis Outlaw's stellar two weeks, Gavin's love for jersey's and my mentorship program. Learn you will.

Download the podcast (40 MB)


Lindsay said...

Is the Bayless blog still going to happen??

Macrovox said...

Casey... I don't have any problem at all with ads fronting the Podcast. If anything, I feel a bit of geek flattery that they're IT focused and all. I just ask if there is any way to insert the ads without the whole MAKING THE ADS LOUDER THAN THE PROGRAM thing that happens on radio and TV all the time, I'd love that. Thanks!

Antraxx said...

Good podcast, keep it coming.

I don't think we could realistically get anything better than what we've got by trading. But I also know KP rarely just sits there even midseason. I don't wnat Outlaw or Sergio to go, though.

Look forward to seeing B-Roy, Oden and Fernandez at the All-Star weekend.

hg said...


I have a question about Greg's development.

If Nate is forcing Greg to go out on pick and rolls and move his feet to be better defensively, Why doesn't he run more plays offensively for Greg while he is learning defense? To me he is only utilizing half of Greg's talent.

I know since Sabonis our centers has primarily been put back and setting picks on offense, but Greg is great at passing, great at posting and he needs to learn more moves and make different shots on Offense.

Is it Nate or the Guards that don't utilize him?


Tom said...


When you get a chance, can you ask Outlaw if he knows about Jasmine Murray from Starkville, MS being in the top 36 of American Idol?