Thursday, February 26, 2009

02.26.09 Podcast

The best way to get over going 0-for-Texas? Going 3-for-podcasts. Gavin Dawson of 95.5 The Game, Dave Deckard of Blazer's Edge and myself, Casey Holdahl, of present the last February podcast of the year. Think of us fondly.

This week we discuss the problems in the Lonestar State, the must-win in Minnesota, Nate McMillan's preferences regarding regular rotation, the pressures associated with being Greg Oden, the return of Jarrett Jack and the upcoming Blazer's Edge night at the Agency on March 5th. Let it roll.

Download the podcast (40.8 MB)

(By the way, the CD we record to decided to take an early break with about 2 minutes left in the podcast, which is why the usual sendoff is absent.)


hg said...

First of all on Greg, I agree about the psychology part. I was thrown into college with the Timber Act when I was 61. My first test was horrible. I had performance anxiety so bad that I absolutely could not think. By the third test I had an anxiety related heart attack. I think this is exactly what Greg is going though. By the end of my first year I still got nervous, but wasn't so uptight that I couldn't think. Therefore, I am sure in time Greg's anxiety will get better.

I don't have video tapes or any of that. I have to go by recall, but it seems to me like Greg has gotten in foul trouble or injured when his performance was needed more. (Against big centers, and on the road) He is tagged as being scared physically, but I don't believe that. But, you three may have hit the nail on the head on the psychology bit.

I do disagree with you on the sarge bit. You can chew some people's butt out and get better performance. You can be critical of some people and get better performance out of them. I just don't feel like Greg is one of them. That comes from Greg being a lot like me psychologically. (How about that 50 cent word? Dave)

Greg is so full of self-criticism that any more might be too much. If you were up to your nose in poop you would be very hard on anybody that dared to make a wave. The coach, his mom or somebody with authority could get away with it if they did it gingerly. A pat on the butt or a word of encouragement would do wonders. Also, having someone with higher rank could show him a better way of doing it, but not by chewing him out.

Dave, I read Blazers Edge all the time and I think your humor is terrific.


John said...


talking bout Rudy
talking bout Batum (does the little things)
talking bout Jaybay
talking bout Oden; which is equally important because we're talking bout Pryz in the 2nd unit. 2 true centers.

This roster is vastly improved from last year.

Loving the podcasts!!

John said...


Oden will come around. he's just bummed that he hasn't broken any backboards yet. it's a way for a young big man to really come of age.

Casey Holdahl said...

You're right Jim re: the roster. What was I thinking?

jwoo73 said...

Thank you so much for the excellent comments about Nate. People associated with the NBA and fans with any sort of true knowledge about the game understand that he is an EXCELLENT coach. The funniest complaint I hear from fans is that Nate does not understand defense. Really? The Sonics during the nineties were my favorite team in the league (I am an Oregonian, have always loved the Blazers, but I thoroughly enjoyed the Sonics exciting style of play during that era). I can assure everyone that Nate understands defense. I loved his game and have a tremendous amount of respect for his coaching. The Blazers are lucky to have him.