Thursday, February 26, 2009

Guitar Hero Claims Another Victim

There are plenty of gamers in the Trail Blazers locker room, and it's possible that no game is enjoyed more frequently than Guitar Hero (or Rock Band, though I don't think there's much distinction between the two). Channing Frye plays it. I've overheard Joel Przybilla commanding Jerryd Bayless bring his copy, along with the requisite "instruments", over to Joel's house. There are probably others.

In fact, there's at least one more. Rudy Fernandez declared on his blog,, that he too is under the melodic spell of Guitar Hero.
In this trip I couldn’t bring my best friend in the last days… my Guitar Hero! I bought it a couple weeks ago and I can’t stop playing! My girlfriend was with me in Portland the first days I got it and she was complaining that I paid more attention to the game than to her! (just kidding, I would never do that…). So, I have been busy the days before the trip.
I've seen Rudy's girlfriend, and if he's ignoring her to play Guitar Hero, then he must really enjoy the game. A lot.

Rudy also has some great pictures of the shoes he wore in the dunk contest. I like the "the leap" graphic in the second picture. And I hear there may be some kind of contest to win those size 13's. Stay tuned.

On a more serious blog related Rudy note, Bust A Bucket has yet another excellent translation of Rudy's "Doubles Figures" blog hosted by In the latest installment, written early this morning in Minnesota, Fernandez laments on the difficulties of travel in the NBA.
I mean, think about this trip: Three cities in three days, with flights of at least two and a half hours. In Europe the trips aren't usually any longer than an hour, and there are less of them too. And in Europe they're normal flights, so after the game you can go to your hotel room, relax, talk to your teammates. Here you go straight from the game to the plane. And so here I am, just past three in the morning, having just arrived, and with practice in the morning.
Rudy also writes about the importance of disconnecting from basketball during road trips and notes his approval of Sergio Rodriguez not being traded.

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