Thursday, February 19, 2009

Video: Pritchard, McMillan Talk Trade Deadline

Here's video of Kevin Pritchard's (which you can also read below) and Nate McMillan's comments on the trade deadline passing without any major moves.


blazerfan23 said...


Dan Hickman said...

Great job, KP!!!

We trust you and believe that you did the very best thing for our team!

I totally agree with you and PA: "Let's go to war with these guys"

To all the naysayers out there: Even though every team has weak spots, we have yet to see what this team can do when we're in battle in the playoffs. And, more importantly, the team has yet to see it too. And, once they see themselves in a playoff "this is what it takes to win" picture, they will also know (with KP, Nate and PA) what they will need to win.

KP is right: the best big moves are left for the offseason.

mike said...

I think KP nailed it. I read an article saying KP is holding off any Bayless suitors. He has a lot of faith in these guys.

People like Outlaw, Webster, Frye, and Bayless; Sergio and Blake need to prove themselves because they are looking for an upgrade in 1, 3, and maybe 4(backup).