Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Audio: Kevin Pritchard on Courtside

Kevin Pritchard had some interesting remarks during his appearance on Trail Blazers Courtside Monday night, which you can listen to below. KP talks trades, or lack thereof, chemistry (natch), the "reevaluation of players salaries," contract exemptions and collective responsibility. Well worth a listen.

Download the podcast (10.6 MB)

I also transcribed few of his comments I found the most interesting.

On decisions made before the trade deadline:
"I think I have a good feel for this team. Being around all these guys for as long as I have, I think I know what they can handle in terms of another player. I like I've got a good grasp on that. Nate McMillan and I talk about that all the time; what kind of personality that is. And I don't want to get into all the details of that, but if we don't bring in the right guys then we could destroy what we have. Maybe destroy is too strong of a word because you feel like with this culture, maybe people will assimilated, sort of, to them. But I still worry that ... we're not grown enough and it still needs time to grow."

And on Greg Oden's status (since everybody keeps asking):
"He's day-to-day, but I think it's going to take a little bit of time. There's no change in his status. He's got a little piece of bone from a little fragment. It's feeling better. The swelling is way down and he's feeling a lot better. We're going to take our time and hopefully he gets on this road trip and has a chance, but no promises. But it would be good for him to get back to practicing maybe later this week or early next week."


Anonymous said...


Why isn't the courtside podcast up on itunes until Thursday? Usually by that time it's really outdated.

Casey Holdahl said...

Sometimes I don't have times to get to it right away. Other times there are tech issues. But this week's edition should be available now on itunes.