Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Video: Channing Frye Interviews Devin

Prior to the All-Star Break, the entire Trail Blazers roster met up at Memorial Coliseum to host a carnival night for military families. Soldiers and their families mingled with members of the team, playing games, eating food, ice skating (not the players, of course) and so forth. Just a little way for the team to show they appreciate the sacrifice of those men and women in uniform.

While in the middle of an interview with Channing Frye at the event, a young man named Devin decided to interject his own thoughts, which turned into an exchange that was far more interesting than anything I could have come up with. Hope it makes you smile.


Josh said...

That's tight. I love Channing.

Melissa said...

Channing is a great guy. Love his humor and his humility.

annie n kat said...

my boy channing is a balla. w/ out him trail blazers would be nothin! good night and good luck : )