Monday, July 14, 2008

Wizards vs. Trail Blazers: Third Quarter

- Everybody clears out for Jerryd Bayless with just a few seconds left in the quarter. He draws a foul (no surprise there), and makes both free throws. I don't know if the NBA keeps records for summer league games, but Bayless has to be getting close to making the list in the "most free-throws attempted" category.

End of the quarter with the score Wizards 53, Blazers 51. One more to go.

- Bayless with another trip to the charity stripe. His 11th and 12th free throws go down, and he's up to an even 20 for the night.

Batum gets a pass with some space to manuver, but Vlad Veremeenko steps in the way. Batum goes down hard, but he seems to be alright. He is grimacing a bit though.

Wizards have extended the lead to 53-47. 53-49 after Bernard Robinson finishes at the shot clock buzzer.

- Petteri hits a pull-up jumper. Maybe that will help out the confidence a little.

Bayless is getting into the lane almost at will. He's playing a nice game as a combo guard, but he hasn't showcased his point guard skills much, at least not yet.

- Starters back out on the floor to start the third. Wizards look like they're doing about the same.

Chris Ellis gets called for another illegal screen. Every screen from a guy that size looks illegal. Dude could run through a brick wall if he had to.

Wizards 40, Blazers 37 after Bayless makes the technical free throw. Hopefully everyone settles in now that they've got a half under their belts.


stegie33 said...

Koponan and Bayless are looking great. Bayless should have 5 assists by now, but all of his guys are getting swatted. Those two look great. Batum, not so much.

stegie33 said...

Koponen is looking amazing. 16 points and 3 assists. If he looks like this throughout the summer league, there is no doubt he will be signed. Batum's bruised ribs is unfortunate though :(