Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Highlights and replays

I got more than my fill of the Blazers loss to the Kings last night, but in case you're interested in re-living a game that featured 84 PERSONAL FOULS, you've got some options.

Here's the ESPN highlight reel. I wasn't aware Jerryd Bayless had a twin named Gerald who also plays for the Blazers, but according to the fellow commentating the highlight package, he does. Go figure. picked Bayless' double-clutch that should have been an And1 as the Play of the Day. That's the second day in a row the NBA picked a Bayless move as the day's best.

Finally, if you missed it last night, or can't watch the Comcast replays, or if you're currently at work and you want to watch three refs call one gem of a game, the NBA has made the entire replay available online. It's certainly one way to burn two hours, 23 minutes and 58 seconds.

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