Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Rudy Fernandez has no love for Latvia

The Spanish National Team, much like every other team preparing for the Olympics, have played a few exhibition matches in preparation for the big dance in Beijing. Today the fellows from Latvians were served up like so much paella, and the Spaniards straight ran through them 107-57.

How did Rudy do? Not to shabby. He's not starting (get use to that mi amigo), but he did finish with 14 points and 2 rebounds (this is the best scoreboard link I could find) in a little over 20 minutes. He nailed 4 of 6 from the FIBA three-point line, which is really the key to winning in international competition. If you can make teams pay for playing zone, you always have a chance of winning.

My Spanish is all but nonexistent so I'm not sure what's next for Team Spain, but I'm sure they have another tuneup or two before group play begins.

Update: Here's a better link for stats from Spain v. Latvia. Thanks Miguel.


Illuminate said...

Wowzers...they cleaned house.

So do you think the Raptors would trade Rudy for Calderon straight up right now? Seems he's outplaying him over on the National team? Would the blazers do that, even now that we have Bayless? It really doesn't benefit either team, but just theoretically...which team would get the better end of the deal?

miguel said...

Rudy es el jugador mas en forma de EspaƱa en estos momentos, por encima de Gasol y Calderon que la NBA les ha dejado muy bajos fisicamente. Aqui van unas estadisticas mas detalladas del partido:

Casey Holdahl said...

Illuminate: No way, no how Toronto would do deal. They'd have to start Roko Ukic (if he even comes over) at the point. Calderon is a boarderline all-star. Rudy, while proven in international competition, is still an unknown when it comes to the NBA. Colangelo said he was going to do what it took to keep Calderon, and he kept his word.

Miguel: Thanks for the link. I update the original post with it.

So Rudy is the most fit? That's interesting. I hope he gets to take on a larger role when the Olympics really get started. It'll be our first chance over here in the state to see him live on television.