Tuesday, July 15, 2008

It's business time

For most players, a 28 point performance and a win in the first game of their professional career would be cause for celebration. Nate McMillan had nothing but good things to say about Jerryd Bayless' first game of the Las Vegas Summer League. Jonathan Givony of Draft Express described Bayless' performance as, "Probably the most impressive first-half performance by any rookie in the summer league so far." One of his many finishes at the rim was tabbed as the play of the day by NBA.com. Most players would consider that a great day's work.

But not Jerryd Bayless.

After signing hundreds of autographs and posing for pictures with fans who had just watched him embarrass the Wizards interior defense over and over again, Bayless packed up his belongings, made a quick stop off at the hotel, then proceeded to find an open gym at a Las Vegas 24 Hour Fitness to work on his shot. No night out on the town, no kicking it on the Strip with friends. Just more shots and a desire to prove his doubters, namely the ten teams who passed on him during the 2008 NBA Draft, wrong.

"It's business right now for me," Bayless said. "Basketball is obviously a team sport, but right now is the time for me to get better individually."

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BRoyFTW said...

I'm very happy to hear that. I assumed that Bayless would work hard on that perimeter shot because it wasn't falling in the first game. If that was going he could have had 40.

I have a question. I feel like Steven Snapper Jones kind of ditched the Blazers once we started losing a lot. Did he leave the Blazers because we weren't a great team, or was it over a contract dispute? I've always wondered that, and now that he is commenting for NBA TV I'm looking to get an answer.