Monday, July 7, 2008

Tom Penn on Sports Business Radio

Welcome back to the internet Blazers fans. I trust everyone had a safe and satisfactory 4th of July weekend. And I'd like to extend a big thank you to everyone in my neighborhood for firing off a seemingly endless string of illegal fireworks on the 4th. No one houses burned down, so hooray for that.

If you were too busy this weekend celebrating and setting things on fire and you forgot to listen to Tom Penn, Blazers' Assistant General Manager, on Sports Business Radio with Brian Berger, I've got you covered. Mr. Penn discusses the draft, his background and why it's such a luxury to have an owner like Paul Allen.

Download the interview (6.0 MB). Audio provided courtesy of 95.5 The Game.


old97s said...

I'm not sure why you've gotten away from posting your own comments, which I enjoyed, but the sound clips are getting real old. Your personal take is much more interesting.

Casey Holdahl said...

Good point. I've got a few new posts planned for the next couple of days. Any particular topics you would like addressed?